2018 Summer Reading Program Rules

Rules and info for the Summer Reading Program

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How the program works:

1.  You may register for the reading program by filling out a registration form at the kick off event, at the library or on-line.

2.  Pick up and fill out a reading minute calendar.  Calendars MUST be initialed by parents AND submitted to the library WEEKLY.  Reading minutes will be logged from June 13th thru July 18th.  Calendars must be submitted by July 20th.

3.  There will be a variety of programs, activities and contests all summer, so drop by as often as possible.  Attendance at weekly events is not mandatory for qualifying for reading minute prizes.

4.  Awards will be given out at three levels.  Prize level one is 175 minutes, level two is 300 minutes, and level three is 425 minutes.

5.  At the completion of the Summer Reading Program, there will be an Ending Party where all reading minute awards will be handed out.

Murphy Helwig Library welcomes children of all abilities.

For more information, please contact the library at 563-539-2356.